Isochrone calculation on road networks / Υπολογισμός ισοχρονικών καμπύλων χρονοαπόστασης σε οδικά δίκτυα Full text

Nikos Grivas
Diploma Thesis. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA
Diploma Thesis
Abstract. Isochrones define polygons on the map which include all areas that are accessible within a certain time interval from a given starting point through the road network. The scope of this thesis is the development of an application which, getting as input the starting point, computes as fast and accurately as possible the corresponding isochrones and presents them on the map. We intend the computation to be fast enough in order for the application to be sharply responsive to the user’s selection of the starting point. Moreover, we need the best possible accuracy in the computation meaning that the polygon should include all accessible areas but also it should exclude inaccessible ones.