A Comparative Study of State-of-The-Art Linked Data Visualization Tools Full text

Federico Desimoni, Nikos Bikakis, Laura Po, George Papastefanatos
In VOILA Workshop, jointly with ISWC 2020
Abstract. Data visualization tools are of great importance for the ex- ploration and the analysis of Linked Data (LD) datasets. Such tools allow users to get an overview, understand content, and discover inter- esting insights of a dataset. Visualization approaches vary according to the domain, the type of data, the task that the user is trying to perform, as well as the skills of the user. Thus, the study of the capabilities that each approach offers is crucial in supporting users to select the proper tool/technique based on their need. In this paper we present a comparative study of the state-of-the-art LD visualization tools over a list of fundamental use cases. First, we define 16 use cases that are representative in the setting of LD visual exploration, examining several tool’s aspects; e.g., functionality capabilities, feature richness. Then, we evaluate these use cases over 10 LD visualization tools, examining: (1) if the tools have the required functionality for the tasks; and (2) if they allow the successful completion of the tasks over the DBpedia dataset. Finally, we discuss the insights derived from the evaluation, and we point out possible future directions