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Entities, Topics and Events in Community Memories. Elena Demidova, Nicola Barbieri, Stefan Dietze, Adam Funk, Gerhard Gossen, Diana Maynard, Nikos Papailiou, Vassilis Plachouras, Wim Peters, Thomas Risse, Yannis Stavrakas, Nina Tahmasebi. 1st International Workshop on Archiving Community Memories (ARCOMEM), in conjunction with iPRES2013, 2013 Full text


Diversifying User Comments on News Articles. Giorgos Giannopoulos, Ingmar Weber, Alejandro Jaimes and Timos Sellis. WISE 2012: 100-113, 2012 Full text
Querying Term Associations and their Temporal Evolution in Social Data. Vassilis Plachouras, and Yannis Stavrakas. International VLDB Workshop on Online Social Systems (WOSS 2012), Istanbul, Turkey, August 2012, 2012 Full text
A Platform for Supporting Data Analytics on Twitter: Challenges and Objectives. Yannis Stavrakas, and Vassilis Plachouras. Workshop on Knowledge Extraction and Consolidation from Social Media (KECSM 2012), Boston, USA, November 2012, 2012 Full text
Preservation of Social Web Content based on Entity Extraction and Consolidation. Stefan Dietze, Diana Maynard, Elena Demidova, Thomas Risse, Wim Peters, Katerina Doka, and Yannis Stavrakas. International Workshop on Semantic Digital Archives (SDA 2012), Paphos, Cyprus, September 2012, 2012 Full text


Using Structured Changes for Elucidating Data Evolution. Yannis Stavrakas, George Papastefanatos. ICDE Workshop on Managing Data Throughout its Lifecycle (DaLi 2011), Hannover, Germany, 2011 Full text



Algorithms and criteria for diversification of news article comments. Giorgos Giannopoulos, Marios Koniaris, Ingmar Weber, Alejandro Jaimes, Timos K. Sellis. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, 2015 Full text


The ARCOMEM Architecture for Social- and Semantic-Driven Web Archiving. Thomas Risse, Elena Demidova, Stefan Dietze, Wim Peters, Nikolaos Papailiou, Katerina Doka, Yannis Stavrakas, Vassilis Plachouras, Pierre Senellart, Florent Carpentier, Amin Mantrach, Bogdan Cautis, Patrick Siehndel, and Dimitris Spiliotopoulos. Future Internet 2014, 6, 688-716; doi:10.3390/fi6040688, 2014 Full text
ARCOMEM Crawling Architecture. Vassilis Plachouras, Florent Carpentier, Muhammad Faheem, Julien Masanes, Thomas Risse, Pierre Senellart, Patrick Siehndel, and Yannis Stavrakas. Future Internet 2014, 6, 518-541, doi:10.3390/fi6030518, August 2014, 2014 Full text

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