FAGI-tr: A tool for aligning geospatial RDF vocabularies Full text

Giorgos Giannopoulos, Thomas Maroulis, Dimitrios Skoutas, Nikos Karagiannakis, Spiros Athanasiou
The 11th Extended Semantic Web Conference, Demo Track, 2014 (ESWC 2014)
Abstract. In this paper, we present FAGI-tr, a tool for aligning RDF vocabularies with respect to their geospatial aspect. The tool provides a framework for (a) loading a source and a target geospatial RDF dataset, (b) identifying vocabularies for representing geospatial RDF data, (c) selecting, from both datasets, the representations to be considered for processing, (d) selecting a target vocabulary and transforming all geospatial triples from both datasets into the respective format and (e) outputting the two datasets for further processing. The outcome of the process is datasets that follow exactly the same vocabulary and, also, are cleansed from possible duplicate triples containing geospatial metadata, which is the case when an RDF dataset adopts more than one vocabularies to describe spatial data.The tool is tested with DBpedia data and performs rather efficiently.