Personalized Data Management Systems

Recently, a lot of research has focused on developing methods for personalized search, organization and management of data. Numerous applications and systems (such as search engines, social networks, targeted advertising, etc.) seek to provide personalized services to their users, using information on their demographics, interests, etc. Furthermore, the presence of devices (e.g., mobile phones, low cost sensors) and services (e.g., Web 2.0) make it possible to collect and record data and preferences for the current state of users.

The subject of our research is to design and develop advanced models, algorithms and techniques that will allow the personalization of systems that manage information. The techniques developed are examined in accordance with the following directions. (a) Contextual information, i.e., data concerning the current state of a user, such as environment, time, interests and demographic characteristics, the means of access to the data, etc. (b) User preferences that have been indirectly extracted from previous queries or from other users with similar interests. (c) The tasks and desires of users. These technologies are used as the basis for developing ranking algorithms that respect the current situation as well as the preferences and the tasks of users.