Democratizing Visual Analytics, A Self-Service Platform for Big Data Exploration
R&D Project - National
Self-service visual analytics is a new paradigm, widely promoted in modern corporate environments, in which business users are enabled and encouraged to directly manipulate (explore, blend, analyze) underlying data in rich visual ways, in order to derive insights from business information as quickly and efficiently as possible. Allowing less tech-savvy end users to make decisions based on their own queries and analyses, frees up the organization’s business intelligence and information technology (IT) teams from the tedious work of data preparation. The aim of VisualFacts is to develop a scalable platform for providing self-service visual analytic capabilities to a wide range of corporate and non-corporate users to access, explore, analyze open and privately-held data and collaborate on the analytic results of their work by sharing, annotating and reusing them in the form of visual facts.