Data Governance in the era of the Web of Data: generate, manage, preserve, share and protect resources in the Web of Data
R&D Project - National
The Linked Data paradigm involves practices to publish, share, and connect data on the Web, and offers a new way of data integration and interoperability. LODGOV’s vision is to provide innovative technologies for best governance practices for LOD to produce sustainable LOD ecosystems. Data Governance is an emerging field that brings together data quality, data management, and process management, regarding the handling of data in an organization. It involves controlling the full lifecycle of data produced and consumed within an organization: generation, assessment, management and processing, monitoring, maintenance and protection. LODGOV will handle the full lifecycle of LOD ecosystems. For this purpose, LOGDOV will make novel scientific contributions and deal with several research challenges in three dimensions: LOD management (methods to store, fuse and query large LOD volumes), LOD dynamics (preservation and provenance support for LOD), and LOD privacy (privacy-preservation methods).