Efficient Execution of User-Defined Functions in SQL Queries Full text

Yannis Foufoulas, Alkis Simitsis
Περίληψη. User-defined functions (UDFs) have been widely used to overcome the expressivity limitations of SQL and complement its declarative nature with functional capabilities. UDFs are particularly useful in today’s applications that involve complex data analytics and machine learning algorithms and logic. However, UDFs pose significant performance challenges in query processing and optimization, largely due to the mismatch of the UDF execution and SQL processing environments. In this tutorial, we present state-of-the-art methods and systems towards efficient execution of UDFs in SQL queries. We focus on low-level techniques for physical optimization and compilation of UDF queries, describe and compare the core, recent approaches in the area, discuss their advantages and limitations, identify critical gaps in theory and practice, and propose promising future research directions.