A preliminary assessment of the article deduplication algorithm used for the OpenAIRE Research Graph Full text

Kleanthis Vichos, Michele De Bonis, Ilias Kanellos, Serafeim Chatzopoulos, Claudio Atzori, Natalia Manola, Paolo Manghi, Thanasis Vergoulis
IRCDL 2022
Περίληψη. n recent years, a large number of Scholarly Knowledge Graphs (SKGs) have been introduced in the literature. The communities behind these graphs strive to gather, clean, and integrate scholarly metadata from various sources to produce clean and easy-to-process knowledge graphs. In this context, a very important task of the respective cleaning and integration workflows is deduplication. In this paper, we briefly describe and evaluate the accuracy of the deduplication algorithm used for the OpenAIRE Research Graph. Our experiments show that the algorithm has an adequate performance producing a small number of false positives and an even smaller number of false negatives.