New trends in scientific knowledge graphs and research impact assessment Full text

Paolo Manghi, Andrea Mannocci, Francesco Osborne, Dimitris Sacharidis, Angelo A. Salatino, Thanasis Vergoulis
Quant. Sci. Stud. 2(4): 1296-1300
Περίληψη. In recent decades, we have experienced a continuously increasing publication rate of scientific articles and related research objects (e.g., data sets, software packages). As this trend keeps growing, practitioners in the field of scholarly knowledge are confronted with several challenges. In this special issue, we focus on two major categories of such challenges: (a) those related to the organization of scholarly data to achieve a flexible, context-sensitive, fine-grained, and machine-actionable representation of scholarly knowledge that at the same time is structured, interlinked, and semantically rich, and (b) those related to the design of novel, reliable, and comprehensive metrics to assess scientific impact.