Ranking Papers by their Short-Term Scientific Impact

Ilias Kanellos, Thanasis Vergoulis, Dimitris Sacharidis, Theodore Dalamagas, Yannis Vassiliou
ICDE 2021: 1997-2002
Περίληψη. The constantly increasing rate at which scientific papers are published makes it difficult for researchers to identify papers that currently impact the research field of their interest. In this work, we present a method that ranks papers based on their estimated short-term impact, as measured by the number of citations received in the near future. Our method models a researcher exploring the paper citation network, and introduces an attention-based mechanism, akin to a time-restricted version of preferential attachment, that explicitly captures the researcher's preference to read papers which received a lot of attention recently. A detailed experimental evaluation on real citation datasets across disciplines, shows that our approach is more effective than previous work.