rdf:SynopsViz: A Framework for Hierarchical Linked Data Visual Exploration and Analysis Full text

Nikos Bikakis, Melina Skourla, George Papastefanatos
11th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC2014) – Demo Track, Anissaras, Crete, Greece, May 2014
Περίληψη. The purpose of data visualization is to offer intuitive ways for information perception and manipulation, especially for non-expert users. The Web of Data has realized the availability of a huge amount of datasets. However, the volume and heterogeneity of available information make it difficult for humans to manually explore and analyse large datasets. In this paper, we present rdf:SynopsViz, a tool for hierarchical charting and visual exploration of Linked Open Data (LOD). Hierarchical LOD exploration is based on the creation of multiple levels of hierarchically related groups of resources based on the values of one or more properties. The adopted hierarchical model provides effective information abstraction and summarization. Also, it allows efficient -on the fly- statistic computations, using aggregations over the hierarchy levels.