A Single Digital Market for Industrial Geospatial Data Assets
Eρευνητικό Έργο - Ευρωπαϊκό

OpertusMundi is an Horizon 2020 Innovation Action (IA) developing the first pan-European marketplace for industrial geospatial data assets.

Geospatial data is the cornerstone of any application, service, and product even remotely related to our physical surroundings. Despite the significance of geospatial data for our Data Economy, an assessment of the current market landscape reveals a gap between policy intentions and subsequent industrial uptake. The market of geospatial data owners and consumers on an EU setting remains disjoint and fragmented, with assets difficult to discover, assess, obtain, and integrate in a cross-domain, cross-border, and cross-lingual manner from most prospective consumers of the geospatial value chain. This status quo demands an EU-wide intervention targeted on delivering a Digital Single Market for proprietary geospatial data addressing the heterogeneity, disparity, and fragmentation of geospatial data products in a cross-border and inclusive manner.

OpertusMundi will deliver a trusted, secure, and highly scalable pan-European industrial geospatial data market, which will act as a single-point for the streamlined and trusted discovery, sharing, trading, remuneration, and use of proprietary geospatial data assets, guaranteeing low-cost and flexibility to accommodate current and emerging needs of Data Economy stakeholders regardless of size, domain, and expertise.