Evaluating Path Queries over Frequently Updated Route Collections

P. Bouros, D. Sacharidis, T. Dalamagas, S. Skiadopoulos, T. Sellis
Abstract. The recent advances in the infrastructure of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and the proliferation of GPS technology, have resulted in the abundance of geodata in the form of sequences of points of interest (POIs), waypoints etc. We refer to these sequences as route collections. In this work, we consider path queries on frequently updated route collections: given a route collection and two points s and t, a path query returns a path, i.e., a sequence of points, that connects s to t. We introduce two path query evaluation paradigms that enjoy the benefits of search algorithms (i.e., fast index maintenance) while utilizing transitivity information to terminate the search sooner. Efficient indexing schemes and appropriate updating procedures are introduced. An extensive experimental evaluation verifies the advantages of our methods compared to conventional graph-based search.