VisualFacts: A Platform for In-Situ Visual Exploration and Real-Time Entity Resolution Full text

George Papastefanatos, Giorgos Alexiou, Nikos Bikakis, Stavros Maroulis, Vassilis Stamatopoulos
EDBT'22 Workshops
Abstract. VisualFacts is an open-source data visualization platform for big geo-located data. VisualFacts combines in-situ visualization with real-time entity resolution capabilities to address scenarios where users wish to visual explore and efficiently perform analytic operations directly on raw data files, which are aggregated from multiple overlapping data sources. VisualFacts is based on an adaptive index for efficiently scaling up to big volumes; it combines a grid with a tree and a blocking-based structure for efficiently processing spatial, categorical and overlapping data, respectively. It is progressively created based on the user interaction, adapting to the areas and details of the user exploration. This paper provides the architecture of the platform and presents a demonstration of its main features