Assessing Staff's and Stroke Patients' Experiences in 8 Hospitals in Greece: Results from a Prospective Multi-Center Study ( Full text

Petros Galanis et. al
20th International Conference on Informatics, Management, and Technology in Healthcare (ICIMTH 2021): 392-396
Abstract. To assess stroke patient-reported experiences and hospital staff experiences, during hospital stay.
Methods: Stroke patient-reported experiences (n=387) were recorded using the translated and culturally adapted NHS-Stroke Questionnaire into Greek and staff experiences (n=236) were investigated using the Compassion Satisfaction and Burnout subscales of the ProQOL questionnaire.
Results: Staff's mean compassion satisfaction score was 39.2 (SD=6.3) and mean burnout score was 24.3 (SD=5.6). Only 38.5% of the staff stated that there is smooth cooperation with healthcare professionals of other specialties/disciplines. Personnel working in an NHS Hospital was more satisfied and less burned-out when compared to personnel working at a University Hospital (p=0.02 and p<0.001, respectively). Mean total patient-reported experiences score was 81.9 (SD=9.5). Bivariate analysis revealed statistically significant differences for total patient-reported experiences among the eight study hospitals (p>0.001).
Conclusions: Health policy planners and decision-makers must take into consideration the results of such self-reported measures to establish innovative techniques to accomplish goals such as staff-specialization, continuous training and applying formal frameworks for efficient cooperation amongst different disciplines.