Visualizing Implicit RDF Schema with the Help of Embeddings Full text

Marios Meimaris
In EDBT/ICDT Workshops
Abstract. In this vision paper we present a direction for visualizing the implicit schema of a loosely-defined RDF graph in different zoom levels. RDF datasets do not necessarily adhere to strict structural guidelines, even though a schema in the traditional sense (e.g., an underlying ontology or simple rdf:type declarations) usually exists. Instead, there can be many different ways that instances of a particular type can appear in the same dataset. For example, two instances of the same type can have different properties, thus making their type equality semantically ambiguous. Visualizing this schema can lead to either non-intuitive depictions of the implicit types, or over-generalized visualizations that lack infor- mative detail. In this paper, we propose our vision of an approach that tackles this issue by embedding the implicit schema into a vector space that captures generalizations and specializations of the implied types and relationships in an RDF graph.