Spatio-temporal Big Data: the rasdaman approach in the context of the PublicaMundi project Full text

Mircea Alexandru Dumitru, Vlad Merticariu, Angelos Tzotsos, Michail Alexakis and Spiros Athanasiou
FOSS4G-Europe 2015
Abstract. In geosciences, frequently large amounts of raster data need to be stored and processed efficiently. Rasdaman is tackling the big data deluge by providing a scalable array database that is capable of storing complex geographic data structures and exposing them through open and standard web services. Rasdaman is the OGC Web Coverage Service (WCS) Core Reference Implementation, but also supports WMS and WPS. A particularly exciting extension of the WCS service is the Processing Extension. This links in the Web Coverage Processing Service (WCPS) which allows users to exploit the flexibility of a fully fledged query language for coverages to request ad-hoc parallel processing directly on the server, minimizing data transfer and response times. During the second half of the workshop we will show how the OGC web services and the OSGeo software stack perform in a real case scenario, by using the PublicaMundi software. PublicaMundi ( is a EU FP7-ICT project aiming to make the open geospatial data easy to publish, view and reuse.