Indexing Views to Route Queries in a PDMS Full text

Lefteris Sidirourgos, Giorgos Kokkinidis, Theodore Dalamagas, Vassilis Christophides, Timos Sellis
Distributed and Parallel Databases 23(1): 45-68
Abstract. P2P computing gains increasing attention lately, since it provides the means for realizing computing systems that scale to very large numbers of participating peers, while ensuring high autonomy and fault-tolerance. Peer Data Management Systems (PDMS) have been proposed to support sophisticated facilities in exchanging, querying and integrating (semi-)structured data hosted by peers. In this paper, we are interested in routing graph queries in a very large PDMS, where peers advertise their local bases using fragments of community RDF/S schemes (i.e., views). We introduce an original encoding for these fragments, in order to efficiently check whether a peer view is subsumed by a query. We rely on this encoding to design an RDF/S view lookup service featuring a statefull and a stateless execution over a DHT-based P2P infrastructure. We finally evaluate experimentally our system to demonstrate its scalability for very large P2P networks and arbitrary RDF/S schema fragments, and to estimate the number of routing hops required by the two versions of our lookup service.