Converged Network Infrastructure Enabling Resource Optimi-zation and Flexible Service Provisioning
R&D Project - National

Modern telecommunications are characterized by continuous evolution to new generation wired-wireless networks/systems. Support of higher data rates enabled the provision of new, innovative broadband (IP-based) services (e.g. mobile-TV, HDTV, IPTV, video surveillance, VoD, interactive gaming, broadband internet), which led to a significant telecommunications’ traffic increase, while at the same time, it boosted user requirements for broadband access everywhere, high quality of service, portability/mobility and fixed mobile convergence.

CONFES project aims to develop an integrated wireless-wired transmission network infrastructure of ultra-high capacity, serving both next generation mobile networks and fixed metropolitan ones, based on optical technologies, namely passive optical networks (PON), considering the advantages of this technology in terms of flexibility in managing traffic according to the time varying bandwidth requirements, operating costs and the ability for future network upgrades/expansions (future proof solution).