Development a Geo Microbogging Application for Android Full text

Nikolaos Tsiougkos
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA
Diploma Thesis
Abstract. User-contributed geospatial content will become a valuable resources for a wide range of mobile computing applications. While a great number of applications have emerged that allow for the collection of geocontent, specifically tracking data and geocoded photos, none has really addressed the issue of geoblogging, i.e., recording geospatial data on-the-fly. This thesis provides a mobile applications for the Android platform that allows for the collection of images, videos and text in relation to ones positions. In addition, this content is used to construct a route using this content. As such, the application can be see as the geo version of a mobile microblogging client. This geoblogging application is conceived as a client for GEOCROWD, a web-based geoblogging service provided at and conceived by IMIS/RC ATHENA.