Information Management using Mobile Devices Full text

Antonios Lampadaridis
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA
Diploma Thesis
Abstract. The scope of this thesis was the development of an application for mobile phones, or other devices implementing the Java Micro platform, which allows users to share real-time information useful only for a short time, such as traffic warnings. In addition, users can also create their own private groups so as to inform the group members about their current status. The system consists of two components: the client application running on mobile devices and the server application. The server application stores the received information in the database and alerts users who are interested in it. The primary objective of the client application is to provide an easy-to-use interface helping users to contribute to the system by posting information. Once registered, users are asked to select the topics about which they would like to receive notifications. In case a user is not online, the received alerts are stored in the database as long as they are accurate and the user receives them as soon as he logs in.