Geoblogging: user-contributed geospatial data collection and fusion Full text

Dieter Pfoser, Charikleia Lontou, Euthymios Drymonas, Savvas Georgiou
ACM SIGPATIAL Symposium (ACM GIS 2010): 532-533
Abstract. One cannot deny that space and time are important to us. We perceive our world with respect to where and when we do things. We advocate geoblogging as a tool to capture such experiences by means of collecting and organizing notes, images, and in relation to space and time as well as to link them to other geospatial datasets. This demo showcases a Web application that allows for (i) a simple up- load of content, geocoding, and map-based authoring of geoblogs as well (ii) querying and linking other geospatial datasets in relation to the geoblog entry.