Optimizing Vessel Trajectory Compression Full text

Giannis Fikioris, Kostas Patroumpas, Alexander Artikis
2nd Maritime Big Data Workshop (MBDW)
Abstract. In previous work we introduced a trajectory detection module that can provide summarized representations of vessel trajectories by consuming AIS positional messages online. This methodology can provide reliable trajectory synopses with little deviations from the original course by discarding at least 70% of the raw data as redundant. However, such trajectory compression is very sensitive to parametrization. In this paper, our goal is to fine-tune the selection of these parameter values. We take into account the type of each vessel in order to provide a suitable configuration that can yield improved trajectory synopses, both in terms of approximation error and compression ratio. Furthermore, we employ a genetic algorithm converging to a suitable configuration per vessel type. Our tests against a publicly available AIS dataset have shown that compression efficiency is comparable or even better than the one with default parametrization without resorting to a laborious data inspection.