MirPub v2: Towards Ranking and Refining miRNA Publication Search Results Full text

Ilias Kanellos, Vasiliki Vlachokyriakou, Thanasis Vergoulis, Georgios Georgakilas, Yannis Vassiliou, Artemis K. Hatzigeorgiou, Theodore Dalamagas
Abstract. In recent years, many articles studying microRNA (miRNA) molecules and their connection to diseases have been published. However, the wide range of literature in life sciences, raises a barrier in extracting useful information from them. MirPub is a search engine that resolves this issue, providing lists of articles related to particular miRNA terms and useful filters to customise them. In this work, we extend mirPub by utilising publication ranking methods to provide insights about the importance of each publication. Moreover, we automatically identify the species referred to in each publication to serve researchers studying particular species.