RDF Resource Search and Exploration with LinkZoo Full text

Marios Meimaris, George Alexiou, Katerina Gkirtzou, George Papastefanatos, Theodore Dalamagas
In DATA 2015 pp. 232-239
Abstract. The Linked Data paradigm is the most common practice for publishing, sharing and managing information in the Data Web. Linkzoo is an IT infrastructure for collaborative publishing, annotating and sharing of Data Web resources, and their publication as Linked Data. In this paper, we overview LinkZoo and its main components, and we focus on the search facilities provided to retrieve and explore RDF resources. Two search services are presented: (1) an interactive, two-step keyword search service, where live natural language query suggestions are given to the user based on the input keywords and the resource types they match within LinkZoo, and (2) a keyword search service for exploring remote SPARQL endpoints that automatically generates a set of candidate SPARQL queries, i.e., SPARQL queries that try to capture user’s information needs as expressed by the keywords used. Finally, we demonstrate the search functionalities through a use case drawn from the life sciences domain.