Implementing and benchmarking applications for multimodal, public transportation networks / Υλοποίηση και μελέτη εφαρμογών για δρομολόγηση με μέσα πολλαπλής τροχιάς Full text

Maria Ralli
Diploma Thesis. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
Diploma Thesis

In the last few years, recent research focused on the development of routing applications operating on public transportation networks. This type of applications is very useful for a variety of users, including not only the citizens of a city but also the visiting tourists. The input data needed for such an application is the public transportation network data and the underlying road network of the area of interest. Then the routing application models this data properly, so that suitable routing algorithms may operate on the created model-representation. Most of those multimodal routing applications are web-based to facilitate easier access and faster adoption from end users (e.g. tourists).

The main objective of this thesis is to study and develop novel technologies and tools for the automated analysis and routing of public transportation networks. In this thesis, we focused on an existing open-source, web-application for multimodal routing and we developed novel tools and applications that assess, evaluate, compare and benchmark the routing results performed by this application, as well as stress-testing its performance and scalability. Moreover, we have created an online application tool for easier analysis and visualization of the public transportation networks used in our evaluation.