Towards Open Big Geospatial Data for Full text

Angelos Tzotsos, Michail Alexakis and Spiros Athanasiou
FOSS4G-Europe 2015

Open data provided by the public sector constitute a significant opportunity for growth. Geospatial data account for an estimated 80% of public sector information and are the most significant category of open data due to their high production, procurement, and update costs, as well as their relevance in multiple domains. Despite their importance, they are increasingly difficult to reuse, especially in a cross-boundary multilingual context. The vast majority of open data catalogues in the EU have limited support for geospatial information with insufficient capabilities in publishing methodologies and tools, limited technical foundations to support value added services, and simplistic non-scalable support for geospatial data visualization.

PublicaMundi is an EU FP7-ICT project aiming to make open geospatial data easier to discover, reuse, and share by fully supporting their complete publishing lifecycle in open data catalogues. To achieve this, PublicaMundi extends and integrates leading open source software for open data publishing and geospatial data management. In particular, PublicaMundi extends CKAN, the leading open data catalogue, into treating geospatial data as “first-class citizens” and providing automatic OCG and INSPIRE access to geospatial data.