Storing Metadata as QR Codes in Multimedia Streams Full text

Zigomitros Athanasios and Patsakis Constantinos
Metadata and Semantics Research. Springer International Publishing, 2013. 152-162

With the continuous adoption of the web and the increase of connection speeds, people are more and more sharing multimedia content. The main problem that is created by this approach is that the shared content become less and less search-friendly. The information that is shared, cannot be easily queried, so a big part of the web becomes inaccessible. To this end, there is a big shift towards adopting new metadata standards for image and video that can efficiently help with queries over image and videos.

In this work we extend our proposed method of embedding metadata as QR codes in gray scale images, to color video files with a slightly modified algorithm to make the decoding faster. We then examine the experimental results regarding the compressed file size, using a lossless encoding and the distortion of the frames of the video files. Storing the metadata inside the multimedia stream with QR format has several advantages and possible new uses that are going to be discussed.