Integrating Dublin Core Metadata for Cultural Heritage Collections Using Ontologies Full text

Kakali C., Lourdi I., Stasinopoulou T., Bountouri L., Papatheodorou C., Doerr M., Gergatsoulis M
7th International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications, DC-2007, Pages: 128-139
Abstract. Metadata interoperability is an active research area, especially for cultural heritage collections, which consist of heterogeneous objects described by a variety of metadata schemas. In this paper we propose an ontology-based metadata interoperability approach, which exploits, in an optimal way, the semantics of metadata schemas. In particular, we propose the use of CIDOC/CRM ontology as a mediating schema and present a methodology for mapping DC Type Vocabulary to CIDOC/CRM, demonstrating a real-world effort for ontology-based metadata integration.