Representing Context-Dependent Information in Cultural Collections Full text

M. Gergatsoulis, P. Lilis, I. Lourdi, C. Papatheodorou
International Journal of Semantic Computing, Volume: 3(2), Pages: 255-276
Abstract. An extension of the Dublin Core Collections Application Profile (DCCAP) suitable for representing context-dependent collection level metadata, is presented in this paper. The extended model, called Multidimensional DCCAP, is based on a multidimensional extension of RDF. Contexts are specified by assigning values to a set of appropriately chosen parameters called dimensions. The proposed extension allows the user to encode metadata for each defined context enriching substantially in this way the expressive power of the metadata model. Multidimensional DCCAP metadata model allows to represent the collection development evolution as well as to keep information created for various users categories, with various degrees of detail, or even in different languages.