MOPSEUS - A Digital Repository System with Semantically Enhanced Preservation Services Full text

D. Gavrilis, S. Angelis, C. Papatheodorou
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects, iPRES2010, Pages: 135-143
Abstract. Repository platforms offer significant tools aiding institutions to preserve the wealth of their information resources. This paper presents the data model as well as the architectural features of Mopseus, a digital library service, built on top of Fedora-commons middleware, designed to facilitate institutions to develop and preserve their own repositories. The main advantage of Mopseus is that it minimizes the customization and programming effort that Fedora-commons involves. Moreover it provides an added value service which semantically annotates the internal structure of a Digital Object. The paper focuses on the preservation functionalities of Mopseus and presents a mechanism for automated generation of PREMIS metadata for each Digital Object of the repository. This mechanism is activated whenever an object is modified and is based on a mapping of the Mopseus data model to the PREMIS data model that ensures the validity of the transformation of the information stored in a Mopseus repository to semantically equivalent PREMIS metadata.