Searching the Web through Twitter Full text

Athanasios Andreou, Dimitrios Sermpos
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA, 2012
Diploma Thesis
Abstract. The online social networks (OSN) is an new service sector that due to its rapid development has a strong impact on the global economy, the direction of technological development and social change. These are the reasons why the OSN provide a unique opportunity for research that should include methodologies for the collection of data and its processing. The purpose of this thesis is to enhance this section of research, focusing on twitter , one of the biggest OSN, which due to its specificity, has emerged as an important source of information. The application developed is a Web application. Its main purpose is to start ‘campaigns’ which crawl in the twitter service, extracting information like Tweets, hashtags and mainly URLs within Tweets. Then it processes the extracted information to disclose specific data, in ways that Twitter has not developed yet any functions to do it. Finally, it provides a web graphic user interface for the user to study all the information and to export it to files that can be later edited in a different context. During the process of planning and implementation, the potential of the highly organized and functional Twitter API were used to a large extent, as well as those of the LongURL API. Popular tools and development platforms were used, such as the programming language JAVA, the web applications design platform HTML / CSS / JavaScript / JQuery and MySQL relational database so that the application can be autonomous but still able to be inserted in another platform.