Diachronic Linked Data: Towards Long-Term Preservation of Structured Interrelated Information

Yannis Stavrakas, George Papastefanatos, Theodore Dalamagas and Vassilis Christophides
International Workshop on Open Data (WOD 2012), Nantes, France, May 25 2012
Abstract. The Linked Data Paradigm is one of the most promising technologies for publishing, sharing, and connecting data on the Web, and offers a new way for data integration and interoperability. However, the proliferation of distributed, inter-connected sources of information and services on the Web poses significant new challenges for managing consistently a huge number of large datasets and their interdependencies. In this paper we focus on the key problem of preserving evolving structured interlinked data. We argue that a number of issues that hinder applications and users are related to the temporal aspect that is intrinsic in linked data. We present a number of real use cases to motivate our approach, we discuss the problems that occur, and propose a direction for a solution.