Application of Object Relational Mapping on the environment for the management of webpages of courses of NTUA Full text

Iraklis Psaroudakis
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA
Diploma Thesis
Abstract. The scope of this thesis was the application of Object-Relational Mapping techniques on the web environment NCCMS (.NET Course Content Management System). NCCMS is used to administrate web pages for courses. It has been developed by the Knowledge and Database Systems Laboratory and it hosts a large number of courses from all over NTUA. The work of the thesis was composed by three main tasks: (a) The recording of the data model and the operations of NCCMS and of the underlying content management environment NCommet (.NET Content Management Methodologies, Environments and Tools), developed also by DBLab. (b) The description of the main principles of Object-Relational Mapping for the persistence of data of object-oriented applications and the presentation of the most important ORM tools. (c) The design and implementation of Object-Relational Mapping for the NCCMS environment, with the use of the NHibernate tool.