SPARQL-RW: Transparent Query Access over Mapped RDF Data Sources Full text

Makris Konstantinos, Bikakis Nikos, Gioldasis Nektarios, Christodoulakis Stavros
Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT '12)
Abstract. The Web of Data is an open environment consisting of very large, inter-linked RDF datasets from various domains (e.g., DBpedia, GeoNames, ACM, PubMed, etc.) accessed through SPARQL queries. Establishing interoperability in this environment has become a major research challenge. This paper presents SPARQL-RW (SPARQL-ReWriting), a framework which provides transparent query access over mapped RDF datasets. The SPARQL-RW provides a generic method for SPARQL query rewriting, with respect to a set of predefined mappings between ontology schemas. To this end, it supports a set of rich and flexible mapping types and it is proved to provide semantics preserving queries.