Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities
R&D Project - National
The mission of DYAS, the Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities, is:
  • to support the Greek communities of humanities researchers in advancing their work using ICT and in exchanging knowledge and working practices
  • to broaden the scope of and opportunities for research through the interconnection of various distributed digital resources
  • to promote the access, use, creation and long-term preservation of research data, both primary and secondary, in digital form.
  • The services being developed by DYAS fall in four groups:
    1. sharing digital resources through a set of data, person, metadata, vocabulary and software registries
    2. support for resource development, through a series of guidelines and specialized tools
    3. contributing to DARIAH services, by participating in specific tasks of the Virtual Competency Centres
    4. a digital humanities observatory to support continuous monitoring and recording of the advances in the field and to undertake dissemination actions.