Automatic, multi-grained elasticity-provisioning for the Cloud
R&D Project - European

Elasticity refers to the ability of the infrastructure (IaaS), platform (PaaS) or software (SaaS) to expand or contract dedicated resources in order to meet the exact demand at runtime. The vision of the CELAR project (http://celarcloud.eu) is to provide a complete software stack that efficiently programs and manages resource allocation for cloud applications. The CELAR system will adaptively regulate the allocation of these resources to applications according to predefined consumer’s elastic constraints or application descriptions in a multi-grained manner. To achieve that, dynamic resource and quality performance information is collected both at the platform and the application side of the Cloud infrastructure, evaluated cost-wise and exposed to the users.

CELAR will contribute on all three layers required by an application to operate over the Cloud: The infrastructure layer (deployment over two IaaS providers), the monitoring/optimization middleware (automatic elasticity provisioning over cloud platforms) and the programming development environment (c-Eclipse). The outcome of the proposed project is a modular, completely open-source system that offers elastic programmability for the user and automatic elasticity at the platform level. This outcome will be provided in a way that allows simple installation of any application alongside with its automated resource provisioning over a Cloud IaaS.