Georgia Tsiliki

Scientific Associate
Georgia Tsiliki is a researcher at the ATHENA RIC center, Information Management Systems Institute. Her main research interests are in genetics, genomics, transcriptomics as well as systems toxicology. She studied Statistics and Actuarial Science in University of Piraeus, Greece, and went on to do an MSc in Statistics at the University College London. She received her PhD in Statistics from the Department of Mathematics, Imperial College, London, which she has fulfilled with a scholarship from the Greek State Scholarships Foundation. Her PhD, under the supervision of David Stephens and Maria De Iorio, was on estimating linkage disequilibrium block structures in human genetics data using Bayesian inference. During her post-doctoral work she explored prediction models for survival in cancer genomics data (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - FORTH), and integration techniques for omics data by employing partition modelling (Biomedical Research Foundation of the Academy of Athens). In 2014, she joined the Unit of Process Control and Informatics Group by Harry Sarimveis, at the School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens; her work there focused on systems biology approaches for predicting toxicity effects and grouping of nanoparticles data given their physicochemical properties and omics fingerprint data. She has been involved in several R&D EU projects. Apart from stats, she has a keen interest in theatre, literature, and interior design.