GeoKnow project started at December 2012


GeoKnow is an EU funded, three-year project about research on the spatial Semantic Web. We will investigate interlinking, information management, quality assessment, aggregation, browsing, visualisation and authoring of spatial web data. Our research will be applied in supply chain management and travel industry use cases.

IMIS/Athena RIC ( participates in the project with the aim to develop query optimization and fusion/aggregation techniques for semantic geospatial data. We will be applying open geospatial data from OpenStreetMap and DBPedia, combining them with other linked data sources. Our research results will be integrated in Virtuoso and will offer web services for querying and managing linked data according to the GeoSPARQL specification.

Details on the project can be found on our website and blog ( including our first press release in greek and english.

Please join/follow us if you are interested in spatial semantic web research: