Department of User-centric Systems and Applications

The department conducts research, development and innovation in the areas of user-centric and data-centric systems and applications. IMSI is specifically focusing on the development of algorithms and systems that (a) seamlessly learn from and adapt to users and data, (b) enable users to access data in more effective and human-like ways, (c) support fair and ethical data access and applications, and (d) promote data democratization in different real-life domains, from policy making to health and astrophysics. It naturally covers topics including data science, data exploration, intelligent data interfaces, recommender systems, conversational AI, personalization, fair, accountable and transparent algorithms, explainable systems, crowdsourcing, user analytics, visual analytics, and computer-assisted education.

The department 's main scientific directions are the following.
  • Futuristic Data Interfaces
  • Intelligent Interactive Data Exploration
  • Fair and Ethical Algorithmic Systems
  • User-Driven Data Management

The User-centric Systems and Applications department focuses on the user dimension of systems, algorithms and interfaces, designing and developing algorithms, systems and evaluation methodologies that make data more easily accessible and systems more human-like and trustworthy.

Selected Publications